Prato Potato

So, all of a sudden I’m committed and heading to Monash University’s Prato Centre, in Prato, Italy. I’ll be studying three units offered by MADA (Monash Art and Design & Architecture*), and with my practice being mainly photography, I’ll be like a potato – all eyes. Hopefully these eyes will sprout many shoots and grow into beautiful plants, and perhaps seed many more potatoes; which is really the purpose of this blog – to share the experience and hopefully inspire those who read it.

*I’m normally a student at the University of Tasmania, completing a double degree in Fine Arts and Arts, so now I need to learn all these Monash acronyms and systems… Eugh! Feels a bit like being back at the beginning of first year, for the third time! Yes, third. Way back in the 90’s I did a Bachelor of Science degree, in the days before Moodle and MyLo. In the days when I could hand write my essays…


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