How to make a delux Pademelon pouch (or just a lovely shoulder bag)

My friend Carine (she has a blog) gave me the gorgeous patchwork bag in the photo years ago. It has served me really well, especially as a bag for carrying my lunch, because of it’s square base. But she (and I) never imagined it would one day become the very best ever pouch for a Pademelon!

This is Morina, she is a Bruny Island orphan (her mum was killed, like so many other animals, on the road). She went everywhere with me in this pouch because it was easy for me to carry, and she could curl up and sleep deep down in the bottom, or poke her head out between the ‘v’s where the straps join, and watch the world go by.

Morina’s now at Inala, on Bruny Island, being acclimatised and socialising with other wallabies, before she is released. But because she loved it so much I wanted to share the pattern. I hope you can follow it. It’s really very simple once you get the gist of it. Maybe you know a carer who would like one, or maybe you would just like one for a bag for yourself, because it’s a really comfy, practical bag.

As well as the one Carine gave me, I made another which has removable liners that can be washed easily. I discovered she really liked a microfibre, furry blanket I had, so I made some of the liners from similar, soft fake fur, and others from an old silk sleeping bag liner. Silk is perfect for fur babies, especially before they have fur, because it’s so soft on their delicate skin. To attach the liners to the bag I just used press studs.

Here are a couple of photos of the lined version:



So, here’s how:

(These dimensions are good for a Pademelon or Bennett’s Wallaby. Probably most marsupials except the really tiny ones and the big ones once they get to big).


pattern 2

pattern 3

pattern 4


Here’s a last one of my big baby in her fur lined pouch.

In the specialised pouch



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