Italian Ephemera

Italy can give you an impression of permanence; ancient things linger on and stretch shadows over the present. But there is a lot here that is ephemeral, transient or weightless. Here are some of these sorts of things that I’ve come across.

First Impressions

This was my first morning here, when I woke up at 5am and headed up towards the forest, through the olive groves, to views like this across the murky, early morning urban sprawl. Every morning I walk past the park and market place near that prominent spire on the left. There have been works outside it all the time I’ve been here. I wonder what they are doing. So many mysteries that will remain mysteries.

The lives of plants marking the seasons

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Always fleetly glimpsed, regretfully gone.

And Skys

Storms, sunsets, smog and sunbeams: slipping silently, sublimely across the sky.

Relentless humanity

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Always moving, a thousand miles away from marble statues.

Light, and shadow

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